Sunday, April 17, 2016


Sometimes I go back and forth about some content for this blog.  I always kind of end up with the same thought that, Hey, it's my blog about what I am thankful for.  So to be true to the intent of this blog, I may sometimes go a little out of my comfort zone.  Now on to the blog:
Last year was when I first had suspicions about my thyroid.  I went to my doctor at the time and blood work was done.  Although my levels were not right, I was not taken very seriously.  This is also the doctor's office that sent me home and told me to wait a few months when I had, in fact, torn my PCL and it was almost completely disconnected.  Then I dumped them.
But ya know, I'm not a big doctor person.  I don't like to keep trying new doctors or keep going back to doctors that I have to throw a fit to be listened to with.  It took quite a bit to make me fight to get to a specialist about my knee.  And with the thyroid thing, I knew it wasn't right.  But I didn't want to fight about it.  And I wasn't really excited about the idea of medication.  So I did a little research, found some natural things that should help and let the rest go.
And things have gotten worse.  So, as I wrote about a week or so ago, I asked for help.  My old doctor, whom I trust, has opened back up his practice.  The timing just seemed perfect.  Well I waited last week to get a call to go over my blood results.  And no one called.  So I called them on Friday.  My results hadn't gotten to the doctor's office.  I got them in the mail on Wednesday.  I was going to fax them over and then I'd hear from the doctor on Monday.
In the meantime, I looked over the results myself and did some internet searching.  There are different levels of blood work for thyroids, and my two different tests were not the same.  One was more in depth than the other.  The more I've read online, the more questions I have.
There have been some things that just haven't added up.  Primarily is Mt. Dew.  I drank Mt Dew for decades.  I love the taste.  I finally was able to give it up when I learned about the brominated vegetable oil and how it coats the thyroid - making the thyroid unable to absorb iodine, which it needs to function.  So I finally gave it up.  And I expected my body to improve.  But it didn't.  It went the other way.  I had made this huge, difficult life change and I got worse.  Why?  It didn't make sense.  Until today.
Today I read about the pituitary gland.  I remember hearing about this gland in science class during school.  From what I'm reading, a low T4, but normal TSH in blood work, often signifies a thyroid problem stemming from the pituitary gland.  So I started reading about this very important part of a human body.  And everything else started falling in to place.  All the other issues that I've been having, seem to all point back to one place.
I am a pretty picky person.  I don't like a lot of different foods and drinks.  So when I gave up Mt Dew, I increased drinking other sugary drinks.  One specific fruit juice that I could tolerate, two other kind of pop, always milk and about two flavors of kool-aid.  On occasional days I would try and drink more water.  Guess what makes the pituitary gland slow way down?  Sugar.
I am calling the doctor's office tomorrow and making an appointment with my doctor that I trust.  I am bringing my research.  And I am going to ask questions.  At first with all this, I just wanted something to make the symptoms better.  I am tired of all of it, and I just want it better.  Now I'm thinking that I don't want to take a medicine that just treats the symptoms.  I want to know what is causing my body to go haywire.  I am not going to settle.
Tonight I am thankful for the internet.  There is no way I would have been motivated to dig thru medical book upon medical book upon medical book; but a few correct keyword searches and I have a wealth of information at my fingertips.   I am thankful that I have a doctor around right now that I trust and that will listen and talk to me.  I am thankful that I am finding the motivation to fight for ME.  It's easier sometimes just to let it go and hope for the best.  But I won't do it this time.  I don't like hating myself or feeling like I'm broken.  And I'll keep digging and questioning until it all makes sense and there is a game plan to fix the real problem!

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