Friday, April 29, 2016


I've made reference on here before about this nifty little time sheet app on my phone.
In the past I haven't wanted to know how much I work.  I knew it was a lot.  And that was really enough for me.  Well, this week I stayed diligent and entered in my hours every day.  It is a little sickening.  BUT, this was the busiest of busy weeks.
You want to know the number don't you?  Morbid curiosity, is it?  Maybe I shouldn't tell you.  Maybe I should make you bribe me with candy?  Well, ok, I'll tell:  71.33 hours this past week.  Sad, isn't it?
I'm not crazy.  Really, I'm not.  Besides all our Dave Ramsey budgeting plans, we got a little screwed with taxes this year.  I won't go in to details because I don't like discussing politics with people.  I'll just say that I'd like to pay Uncle Sam off as soon as possible . . . greedy uncle that he is.
Anyway, so it wasn't all a horrible, grueling week.  I did get to attend the fourth grade field trip this week.  I did go have lunch and spent some time with my grandma this week.  I did have very important talks with the kids.  And I had some very important laughs with the kids as well.
Working that much makes bad habits.  I didn't sleep near enough.  And I ate absolutely horribly.  I over ate.  I ate crappy foods.  I didn't work out.  It wasn't pretty.
Tonight I thought I would have a little "I survived the week" celebration!  I made myself a scalding hot bath with nice smelling bath salts.  I bought myself a bag of cheesy popcorn and some Smirnoff's.  And I brought in a fiction book with absolutely no educational or real life relevancy.  And I had a good ten minutes of relaxing before children started knocking on the door.  Silly children!
Tonight I am thankful that I made it thru this week.  Next week will be better.  I knew going in to this week that it would be rough.  I had just pushed too much in to the week.  Next week looks better on paper so far, anyway!
I am thankful for my 10 minutes of relaxation and junk food tonight too!  Next week I must eat better and exercise more.  There are no "maybe"s on this one for sure!

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