Wednesday, April 13, 2016

No Colors

I've never been superstitious.  That is a very good thing because there is something about this house that seems partial to black cats.
When we moved in here about 3 1/2 years ago we brought our barn cats.  We moved two black cats, one orange & white cat, and one black & white mixed cat.  It can be hard to move barn cats.  But they all seemed to do ok after a few days.
Somehow over the years, all of the cats with colored fur have disappeared except for one gray fluffy cat.  The other 5 out there are all black.  Two of my pregnant cats had me a little hopeful.  The neighbor's multi-colored tom cat had been over visiting my promiscuous little kitties.  And I was hoping for some stripes or at the very least, more gray.
This morning, my two momma cats were nowhere to be seen.  I went out to the barn and found them both.  They had their kittens together.  In the same place.  And they are all black.  Seven little black kittens.  I don't know whose kittens are whose, and I guess it doesn't matter.  Somehow these two mommas have decided to tag team this parenting deal.  They are both feeding the babies and keeping them warm.
I may have to start ear tagging these cats or something.  Since they refuse to integrate any different looking traits in to their fur.  *sigh*  I do love them all!  But they are definitely making this difficult!
I think I may make a sign for the front yard "Black Cat Farm".
Tonight I am thankful for all my little matching kitties.  I cross their paths.  They cross my path.  We're all ok.  But seriously, I'm brainstorming over here on how to tell all these guys apart!!
P.S.  I took a picture for this blog.  But guess what?  9 black cats in a picture (the 2 mommas, and 7 babies) looks like a big black blob of fur.  I could also take a picture of a pair of pants on the floor in a pile and it would look a little similar.  They are cuter in person, thankfully!

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