Monday, April 25, 2016

She's Ba-ack!

A year and a half ago, when the hubster got his in the company truck and subsequently lost his job, we took a look at our finances and where we could tighten things up for awhile.  One of the measures taken was for me to do all my work myself.  It sucked because I really liked the girl working with me.  She is a very wonderful person and of course understood the situation.  But it still sucked.
It was finally time to bring her back.  I am so thankful that she was happy to help again!  And this couldn't have came at a more perfect time!  I was playing catch up all last week.  And I got a few extensions on some files that added even more to my already packed Monday.  I worked both days this weekend . . a little too much in my opinion.
I have been so excited today, flying along so much faster than I could on my own!!  My time clock app on my phone has me clocked at 14 hours and counting.  But by midnight, I will have all of Monday's stuff done on Monday!  Hooray!  There is positively no way I could have done this by myself.
Tonight I am thankful for help!  My business is going strong and very busy.  And I am a sucker that has a very hard time turning down work.  So here we go!  Now I'm ready!

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