Thursday, April 14, 2016

Socially UnAcceptable

Some days a person just feels like they are rocking life!  Today was a day like that for me.  I had this awesome energy flowing.  And I was just knocking my to-do list out of the park!
Unfortunately, I ran out of steam.  Now here it is, quarter after 11, I'm not going to get this last report done tonight.  And I'm really not sure if I have any clean pants to wear tomorrow.
Well, I know I have clean pants.  But somehow, I think people would frown at me if I arrived to appraise their house wearing my Christmas Story fleece pants with Ralphie dressed in his bunny suit.  It's strange, almost everyone loves the movie . . and yet the pants are not acceptable to wear outside the house . . . strange.
Anyway, I will not beat myself up for this unfinished report or the possibility of early morning laundry tomorrow.  I will end this day on the good note of the many, many things that I did get done today!
Tonight I am thankful for all that I did get done!  The things that I didn't will be here tomorrow.  I mean, I keep hoping for the housework and appraisal work fairy to come and take care of things for me while I sleep; but it never happens.  Maybe I'll dream that this did come true!  That'd be cool!  I better go try and see!  Night everyone ;)

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