Friday, April 1, 2016

Still Over Flowing

Well, this is not the way I was planning on spending tonight.  I am missing my cousin's funeral.
I made everything fit on the calendar.  Two weeks worth of work in one week - no problem.  Extreme exhaustion - nothing a little caffeine won't fix.  Sick kid - I can handle that.  Multiple last minute doctor's appointments - sure, we can fit that in.  All four children waking up on the first day of spring break with hacking coughs - we can push through that.
I had a little scratchy throat this morning when I woke up.  But, I didn't over-think it.  Multiple nights this week of not enough sleep can do that to a person.  Then I started the cough.  The hacking, splitting headache inducing cough.  And by the time I got done with my appointments and got back home, I was feeling absolutely horrible.  Then the hubster called and said he had to go to the hospital to visit a very close relative who was asking for him.   I had first dibs on leaving home tonight.  But all signs pointed to the suggestion that I should stay home.
So I'm home.  I'm in the chair, sitting next to the oil diffuser, sniffing Thieves in like crazy.  The kids have been running the Thieves all day, and two of them are starting to feel better already.  I've got the kiddos all here, we just watched the new Alvin and The Chipmunk movie on pay-per-view.
Tonight I am thankful for the few memories that I have of my cousin.  I wish I would have known her longer than just a couple years online.  But a couple years is better than no years at all.  I pray that she has peace now.  And I pray that those closest to her find peace.  I am thankful that even when meaningful plans don't work out, my cup still overfills with the love here in my living room with these wonderful people that God has blessed me with.

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