Friday, April 15, 2016

The Hubster

This is yes another Dave Ramsey post.  BUT, this one has a twist!
When I first read The Total Money Makeover, I read certain passages to the hubster.  I was so excited!  And he was . . well, a little less than thrilled.  But, being the good sport that he is, he said he'd go along with it.
It was a little bumpy at first.  We made a few compromises to keep going in the right direction.  We did buy the go-kart last year.  We had talked about one for awhile.  And we did that in lieu of a vacation, since we do budget vacation savings in our monthly budget.  So there were a few things like that.
Over time he started getting more and more on board.  Like when we paid cash for our used-but-still-good vehicles.  And when we paid cash for some home repairs.  I think it also made him feel good that when our spending was analyzed . . I was more of a problem than he was.  That almost hurts to write that because I am such a deal shopper!!!!  But, that can be an issue.  There are some things I was buying just because they were deals.  And if we don't need the things, then a cheaper price isn't really a deal after all.  (p.s. I have been working on that!)
Well I had to make a business decision to bring in some help.  Business is good, which is fantastic . . and exhausting!  Finally I had the realization that I just can't keep going like I have been.  So I chatted with a woman who used to work for me.  And thankfully, she is interested in working with me again!  I updated the hubster on this change.  And his first response was so budget-conscious that it floored me!  He said, "Well, you know that will take some off our bottom line."  That was so great to hear him thinking that way!!!  Of course I discussed with him that I have some very good client right now and I want to keep them, and keep them happy.  And that this is a needed change for continued business growth.  So he was on board with this decision as well.
It still makes me smile though that his first thought was the budget!  I won't nickname him Dave or anything yet.  But it's great to see that he's on this journey with me at a good pace, and not dragging his feet along behind me.
Tonight I am thankful that the hubster is excited to blaze down this trail with me!  It'll be so great to finish the path!  I'm starting to think about planning a trip to the Dave Ramsey studio to do a debt free scream one day!!  I'd want the house paid off for that trip!

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