Thursday, April 21, 2016

VIP Customer

When you think of a VIP customer, what do you think of?  At a restaurant, maybe someone who gets the best table in the house.  At a store, maybe someone who gets all the help they may need with their purchases.  At a theme park, maybe they get to jump to the front of the line.
I have some customers that I definitely prefer to others.  Some are just a pain in the fanny.  But some trust me and appreciate my work.  Those customers are some of my best customers, but they aren't my VIP's.
Sometimes I lose sight of my VIP's.  My family.  Having my office in the house creates a need for boundaries.  Boundaries that sometimes have to bend.  Seriously, they have to for life to go the way I want.  The kids know that there are some nights when I have to work.  But they know that in exchange for sharing me with my computer, they also get to have me at their disposal a lot more.  I can attend field trips.  I can drive them to doctor's appointments.  They get to come with me to houses sometimes.  And they can come in and talk to me while I work . . most of the time.
Even with that though, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of what is most important.  Well maybe the title of this blog is a little misleading because my family is obviously not customers.  But they share my time with my customers; so in that sense, they are the VIP's.
I've been very, very busy with work lately.  And I've lost sight a little bit, on when to switch off my computer, when to ignore my phone, and when to walk away from my office.  It's easiest to see in my youngest.  He's a good little alarm.  He has grown up so much lately, but he still reacts to feelings instead of acknowledging them.  I first ignored his flare of temper and increase in fits.  I thought maybe he was just tired.  It dawned on me a couple days ago though.  He doesn't know why he's acting out.  But I can see it.
So I'm working on making sure I have uninterrupted time for my VIP's.  Any phone call can be returned.  Emails can sit there.  Texts aren't going anywhere.  My VIP's do realize that sometimes I have to deal with the other customers.  But I don't want them to ever doubt that they are the VIPs!
Tonight I am thankful for little reminders that whatever job I do, Mom is always the most important one.  It's not that I truly forget that.  It's just that, that fact falls to the back sometimes with everything else trying to press in front of it.  Hmm . . . I just had an idea!  I think I'll make a flow chart and hang it in my office . . not just to remind me, but also to remind my VIP's of how things rate!

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