Tuesday, May 10, 2016

All Day

Most days when I drive for hours and hours, it is my time.  I drive for hours with no radio, just enjoying the silence and thinking my own, uninterrupted thoughts. 
Every once in awhile my thoughts go the wrong direction.  Today was one of those days.  I drove for hours and kept thinking about those who have hurt me, those who have let me down, and those who have left my life.  I tried to turn those thoughts around.  I tried to remember how those things have made me stronger.  I hate playing the victim.  I won't be the victim.  Life happens and people get better.
So my thoughts went in waves that ended in an acceptable place.  But my emotions were ran dry by the end of my day.  Exhausted, I took myself down to my basement gym.  A little exercise bike, a little elliptical, and a whole lot of punching bag had me feeling better. There is just something about letting a day's frustration out one hit at a time.  Feels very therapeutic!
Tonight I am thankful for my punching bag!  I know this is not the first blog about that silly bag.  But sometimes when thoughts and emotions can't end the day on a good note, the perfect physical exertion can do what the others could not.

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