Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Somehow, with my less than superb scheduling tasks, I managed to have three different dentists in one week.  One child had the orthodontist on Monday.  Tomorrow the kids have their dentist.  And I have my dentist on Friday.
Throw in there that the orthodontist child needs me to call tomorrow morning asap, since her mouth has hurt since we were there Monday and she has some loose metal.
This week I am definitely not "anti-denti".  Come on now . . . where are my Seinfeld fans??
Tonight I am thankful that we have dental insurance!  And instead of being bummed that I will be devoting so much time to teeth this week, I will be thankful that we are knocking all these appointments out at once :)
Sorry this is so short . . . I've got to go floss!

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