Monday, May 9, 2016


When we bought this house almost four years ago, I was so excited about furniture!  We were finally buying our first set of living room furniture from a store.  Everything up until that point had been hand me downs or second hand.
Now don't get me wrong, I love hand em downs.  And I love second hand stuff!  But it was just a good feeling to walk around the furniture store and pick what I wanted.  Well, ok, honestly it wasn't exactly what I wanted.  But it has the features that the hubster wanted.  And it looked like it would hide stains from the kids well.  So it was a good pick.
I think it was about two years in before things started going wrong.  First one of the sides of the couch wouldn't recline.  Then the springs started poking people.  I would blame it all on the kids jumping on the couch when they thought I wasn't looking.  But even the love seat, which was claimed by the dogs, was breaking.  And you can't tell me that the dogs climbing up and down on a love seat could really do a lot of damage.
I was lamenting my situation to my mom.  And she offered me the furniture from her basement; which had previously been in my Grandma M's basement.  Now, I had to sell the idea to my hubster (who isn't quite a retro-style guy)  This furniture has some big positive points!  1) It has wood everywhere.  If a kid jumps on the furniture and bonks themselves, it may deter them from continuing.  Notice I wrote "may deter" not necessarily "will deter"  2) The cushions have zippers and the covers can come off for when I need to clean them!  3) Again, the wood, easier to clean!  and 4) this is not the most comfy of furniture as far as laz-y-boys and stuff are compared.  This is a huge positive to me!  Uncomfy furniture encourages a lesser amount of couch potatoes in the house!  Hooray!
Tonight I am thankful for our free basement furniture!!!  And just look how perfect it goes in my living room :)  Almost like it was made to be here with us!

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