Friday, May 27, 2016


So . . I made a lady cry today.  Sadly, it's not the first time I've made someone cry.  And it most likely won't be the last.  Want to know what I did?  Do you?  You want to know how mean I can be, don't you?  I asked her if she happened to have a survey of her land.
Yep, that was it.  It sent her over the edge.
Ok, now the rest of the story:  This woman sounded irritated when I called to schedule her appraisal appointment.  She seemed annoyed and bothered when I was at her house.  And I thought that maybe she was just that kind of person.  Then when I found that her legal description contradicts itself and there was an issue that needed to be resolved; hopefully with a survey if there happened to be one available, she became irate and then started crying.  It was stress.
She started freaking out with the thought that her loan might not go thru.  There was a lot hinging on this loan it seems.  Well the woman ended up calling me back when she was calmed down and we discussed a game plan.
I spent the next many minutes after we hung up, driving and thinking back to where I used to be years ago.  Debt is such a trap, it's a huge lie, and such a scam.  I remember refinancing my house to consolidate debts because we had built up so much debt that it was beginning to crush us.  I remember the horrible, helpless feeling when jobs changed and income changed and the same bills were still there needing to be paid.  Seven years . . there were seven years of horrible money decisions.  We had moved in to a nice big, what was to be our family house, gotten pregnant, made different career decisions for the baby, and started charging plastic to keep living how we had been.  Credit line increase?  No problem.  Another credit card to transfer a balance?  Why not?  Consolidation loan?  Sure.  Seven years came crashing down one day.  It wasn't pretty.
It's been seven years since that seven year stretch ended.  A lot has happened.  A LOT!  And it's funny to look back and see how maybe we needed to crash to see what a better plan God had.  There are just times in life when a person can't accept a better plan within themselves.  We were there seven years ago.  Now we aren't.  With the fairly recent discovery of Dave Ramsey, we have even more hope.  We were headed in that direction slowly.  And reading Dave's books just make it all clear - all the simple truths that are there, but that we overlooked.
The Bible has a lot of things happen with seven years or seven days.  It's quite interesting.  And when I get to Heaven one day, I plan on asking God what's up with the number 7?  Maybe it's just his favorite?  :)  But we definitely had seven years of poor decisions and now seven years of finding a better way.
Tonight I am thankful that my family has a budget and a plan.  I'm thankful that we no longer live week to week.  I'm thankful that we are turning our family's legacy and that hopefully our children will never know that feeling of dread that comes when you open a bill that you can't pay.  And I pray for this woman and her family that they find a better way, that they find freedom from the chains of debt, and that can have peace.

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