Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dear and P.S.

Dear Summer,

  I doubted you.  I'm sorry.  When your friend Spring showed up so early this year, I was excited.  I was sure you were going to arrive soon too.
  But then Spring went away.  I looked for her.  I searched high and low.  I sent out laments to the skies wondering where she could have went.  She was just gone.  Just gone.
  She finally came back.  I think she was wrestling with that Winter fella.  It did seem that way, because there was so much back and forth.  Finally Spring won!  It was exciting!
  But after it took her so long to find her way back, I had even bigger doubts about you Summer.  I thought maybe Spring would just stay.  Maybe she was so victorious in her fight against Winter that she wouldn't let you in.  You two must get along well though, because it seems that she just stepped aside and let you in!
  Even at the first sights of you, I didn't truly believe that you would stay.  I kept out my sweatshirts and my fuzzy socks.  I knew I'd need them when you left me.  I was sure you'd leave me.  But now, I'm starting to believe.  I'm starting to have faith that you'll stay!  I know, I know, it will only be for a season.  But I'll enjoy our visit for as long as you'll let me!


P.S.  Tonight I am thankful for this delightfully warm weather!!!  I've gotten hot the last two days.  Actually hot!  I almost forgot that could happen!  Hooray!

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