Monday, May 23, 2016

Excited for Tomorrow!!

Sometimes I go back and forth between my two main businesses, as to which I like more.  As an appraiser, I like traveling around seeing the different houses out there.  And honestly, most of the time I love the solitude . . I'm a person who thrives in solitude.  As a broker, I get to be around people more - which is a blessing too!  And I love watching people's faces when they find THE house.  I like both sides of this profession :)
Tomorrow I will like the broker side better!  Tomorrow a friend gets to sign on his house.  I feel blessed to be able to be there with him.  He actually made it pretty easy on me.  It didn't take too long to find the right house for him.
Today I met some of his family members at the house and I loved seeing their reaction.  They felt it too.  That feeling . . . just that right-ness of the house for him.  It's time for him to have some good, big things happen in life.  And tomorrow will be one of those things!
Usually at a closing, I know exactly what I want to give as a new home gift.  This particular closing was right on par.  I knew what I wanted to get him for a little while now.  Annnnnd, I couldn't find it.  I've been running out of time.  Today I bought some pieces and I made it myself.  I hope he likes it!  I can't put it in the blog, because he could possibly see it here.  It is simple, yet hopefully warming.
Tonight I am excited about tomorrow!!  It will be a good day!  I can't wait!  I'll go thru my papers one more last time to make sure all the "t"s are crossed and all the "i"s are dotted!  Then in the morning, I'll probably go thru one more last time.  It'll all go smoothly :)  It'll be a good day!

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