Monday, May 16, 2016

Kind of Adult-ish

Last night's blog highlighted some adult-ish things that I'm not too great at.  So let's flip it for tonight, shall we?!?
One adult-ish thing that I pretty good at is car purchasing.  So last year, a red-light-running driver took out my poor Sally, the Saturn.  With a sad heart and an insurance payment, we went looking and found Frita, the Freestyle.
I was very excited about Frita.  I thought with her third row, we would have a second option for family driving.  Frita rides too low to the ground for my car-sick riding daughter.  So Frita is really only used for short trips with kids or my work driving.
We found out this past winter that Frita is not a snow loving vehicle.  She drove horribly in the snow.  I was very thankful for a winter without a ton of snow because for my job, I drive to a lot of places that haven't been plowed.  I only got stuck in Frita a few times.  I knew Frita would not be with us by next winter - her practicality for our driving needs was dwindling fast.  (P.S., we are selling Frita private party if anyone is interested in the ole' gal!).
So, I've been researching.  I needed to go back to all wheel drive, like Sally the Saturn was.  But I wanted much better gas mileage.  I need to stick with a larger-than-regular-car ground clearance, as the bigger distance tends to help my car-sick riding daughter.
I made my mind up awhile ago about what I wanted.  And I've been checking online here and there. Yesterday I found the car.  Except I didn't like the price.  I talked to the guy today and got the price knocked down a little.  I drove the car tonight and loved it!  But I'm still negotiating.
So here is where I have totally (kind of) nailed this buying a car thing - you have to be willing to walk away.  I do it awesomely when it is for a vehicle for the hubby.  But it's different when it is the car that meets all the criteria I've set, AND looks cute.  I did it though.  I walked out tonight.  I said I'd call tomorrow.  And I will.
Driving home, I decided what would be a fair deal for me.  I learned a little bit more about the car tonight.  And I learned more about how long the dealership has had the car.  So I plan to bring these items up as I negotiate tomorrow.  Bottom line though, I won't buy the car if I'm not comfortable with all the numbers.  Yes, Yes, this feels very adult-ish.  There was a time not too long ago that I just would have signed next to the "X" because I liked the car; and on a piece of papers, numbers are just numbers, right?  Nope, we've got a budget.  And we're sticking to it.
Tonight I am thankful that there are some adult-ish things that I can handle!  Hopefully, by the end of the week, I will be driving the vehicle to be called "Blueberry".   If not though, I'll just be keeping an eye out for the next deal that fits all our criteria!
P.S. Blueberry will be named for her color, not her model name like Frita and Sally :)

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