Friday, May 6, 2016


I operate as if a key element in dealing with stress is to never look it right in the eyes.  I just keep pushing thru stressful times, not giving the stress any attention.
I looked back today, just to give myself some point of reference.  I thought I got insanely busy with work in March.  It looks like it actually started in February.
I talk very positively to myself.  I can do it.  I can do it.  Keep trying!  It's ok if this one's late; take the break you need; now back at it!  Go, Go, Go!  Bend, don't break.
I just keep looking ahead.  Eyes on the prize, right?  See the goal with a plan for the hurdles.  Until . . it's too much.  I don't like to admit I can't handle things.  But, that is part of being a responsible, grown-up, right?  Know your limits and have good people to turn to.
I really thought this would be the week that I got ahead.  But it wasn't.  It wasn't even close.  In fact, I've spent most of the week behind due dates.
Today, I've had a few break throughs about recent events.
#1) Although I've had some improvement, I really do still suck at scheduling.  I took a good look at my calendar and realized a flaw.   I do not account for any of my desk time or block off time for family time and sleeping.  I use the calendar for things outside the house . . which is better than before.  But, our calendar is filled up with things outside the house.  If I can't account for the other important times, than there is a problem.
So just like my recent Dave Ramsey budgeting lessons of telling money where to go instead of money just finding it's way out - I am putting up a renewed effort to get better at this scheduling thing and I'll be telling my time how to be used.  I hate, absolutely HATE the thought of having my time micro-managed.  But, I need to do it because I am not leaving enough time for my sanity.  So I need to take control here.
#2) I have two wonderful, smart, and talented ladies who work with me on my two different business ventures.  I have the wonderful, smart, and talented hubster who works with me on his business venture.  And I still do not ask for help enough.  I tack things on to my to-do list while people who are there that could help me, are there ready to help me, waiting for me to ask.  I think I've done a little better this week on this front.
#3) I really need to work on prioritizing myself.  When I get too exhausted or too stressed, I take time out.  But I push until I get to where I physically can not continue before I rest.  That isn't right.  And that isn't healthy.  I do it with good intentions and while keeping in mind what goal I'm working towards.  But people are made to require rest, not just sleep.  I tend to count sleeping as resting, and it's just not the same.  That may sound like simple logic to you; but it is really something that I need to remind myself of regularly.
Tonight I am thankful for yet another chance to learn to manage life better.  I look back and see the stress that I put on myself.  I don't plan on stopping really.  Because I've got big goals.  But I plan on managing it all better . . . and reaching my goals strong and healthily.

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