Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Memories of Tulips

When I was in elementary school the music teacher taught us a song about tulips in Holland.  I remember sitting in the class learning it.
I tried to sing that song to the kids last week on Friday when we took our fun Holland Trip.  I couldn't quite remember all the words though.  I told the kids that they should ask the music teacher!  They forgot.  Silly kids.
Today I saw her . . yup, same lady that taught me the song just a few years ago.  I asked her if she remembered it, and she started singing it :)  She couldn't remember all the words either.  But she said she knows what book the song is in.  So she's going to look it up and let me know.
The thing that is even more heartwarming than two people remembering a song of years gone by would be the look on her face when I asked about the song.  It was more than just fondness of a song; it was the look of a teacher who got a reminder that their life's work made an impact.  I always loved music class when I was a kid.  I always felt welcome there.  And I always felt wanted there.  The music brought the class together different than anywhere else in school.  Music is a slightly other language that everyone speaks.
Tonight I am thankful for a song about Tulips in Holland.  And I am thankful for many more memories that I have in a classroom at the end of the hall with a wonderful woman whom all my children have been blessed to make memories with also.

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