Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Paperclips and Silly Things

I have always loved stationary and office supplies.  Everybody's got their own thing, right?
I could spend hours in Office Max!  I love looking at sales ads for back to school supplies.  The line from You've got Mail, "I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils, if I knew your real name and address."  I love that line!
Of course there are some office supplies that are my favorites over others.  For instance, paper clips.  I like the jumbo size, coated paper clips.  Jumbo size, so I can be sure it holds my papers better.  And coated so it doesn't slip off my papers.  I clip and unclip a lot of papers over the course of a day, so I appreciate when they are secure.
Tonight I stopped in at Meijer's and went back to get some more paperclips.  I am running low!  Sadly, the shelf space was empty for them.  I was probably a little more bummed than I should have been about paper clips . . .
Then I turned the corner to check out the end cap of clearance items.  And I saw the cutest little binder on clearance!  It like a half sheet size.  Also on clearance were page protectors that fit the cute little binder!  As I continued on I found the papers that fit the cute little binder.
In my budget, I do plan for clearance and super sale spending.  And although these weren't the best clearance prices I've ever seen . . and although I really don't need the cute little binder and cute little binder supplies, they came home with me!
Tonight I am thankful for splurging sometimes on silly little things that are just things that I like and make my soul happy.  It doesn't have to make logical sense.  It is just the way I am!

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