Saturday, May 21, 2016

Perfect Fit

Tonight's blog may seem incidental.  But, here I go anyway.
I've always been a hat person.  Usually a baseball hat.  Usually backwards.  It drives the hubster crazy.  ;)  But I've always like my hats like that, way before I met him.  So I wear them how I like.
I had my most favorite hat for years.  I bought it at a Miranda Lambert concert.  I like the way it looked.  It fit perfect.  It was great.  Then it got dirty.  One of my darling children tried to wash and dry it for me in the machines.  And it shrank.  I've been kind of in a hat disarray state since that incident.  I have other hats.  I just didn't have other hats that I liked and that fit me as well as that hat.
Today I had to stop at Hobby Lobby to get some weights for some derby cars for the boys.  I was walking by an aisle and a hat caught my eye.  I picked it up . . . I liked it!  I tried it on . . . Perfect!!  And under $5 on sale!  Wonderful!
Tonight I am thankful for a new (soon to be favorite) hat!  I won't let this one go in the dryer!  There will be a family meeting tomorrow to address this :)

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