Monday, May 30, 2016


Last May or June I sat down and sewed a bunch of patches on to the girls' Girl Scout vests.  I had tried super glue and hot glue.  The hot glue worked ok for a little while, but not for super long.  The super glue sucked.  I still need to try gorilla glue.  Sadly, a few patches have been lost when the hot glue wore off.
Well, last year when I got the vests all caught up, it was right before the end of the year celebration.  I was feeling quite accomplished.  Until we came home from the end of the year celebration and the girls had all sorts of new patches to be put on.  And Grace had bridged up to Junior, so she got a whole new vest, with lots of patches to be put on.  My aching fingers just couldn't bear the thought of any more sewing on of patches; so I put it all in our "scout drawer" and forgot about it.
There have been a few times during the year when Gracie should have worn her vest.  And I didn't let her because it was empty.  Elaina could get away with wearing hers because it had last year's patches on it.
I've know that I'd been putting this off too long.  It caught up with me this morning.  Both girls were in the Memorial Day parade with the Girl Scouts.  So I spent two hours this morning sewing on patches.  I had such poor planning and organization with this, that I delivered the last vest this morning, while the parade had already started moving thru town.  Fortunately the Girl Scout parade was not at the front of the  parade, and I got there before they hit the main street.
Tonight I am thankful for being caught up on patch sewing!  This will only last one week.  Next Monday is the end of the year ceremony for the girls.  Hopefully I won't wait so long next year to sew on the new patches!

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