Thursday, May 12, 2016

Secret Plans

I've been planning a special trip for about two weeks.  Well, it actually has been a whisper of a plan for years.  I've wanted to take the kids somewhere for several years.  But spring sports always seem to mess up the ability to go on a weekend.  And there is only a brief period every year when this trip would be in all its glory.
About two weeks ago I looked at the calendar and picked the 13th.  It was the end of MStep testing at school, with all the tests done.  There were no ball games, no field trips, no doctor's appointments, nothing out of the ordinary.  So I have made the decision to let the kids have a day off of school and we are going on an adventure!
Now here's the kicker.  I am fighting off some kind of sickly-ness.  It seems like anytime there is a big special something planned, one of the six of us gets sick.  Gracie brought this home from school about 2 or 3 days ago.  I've doubled up on my elderberry pills.  I'm rubbing Thieves oil on myself.  I have a cup of tea here.  All I need is a little extra sleep . . . that won't happen because I have to work extra to be able to run away tomorrow.
So I have altered tomorrow's plans.  We were going to get up early and take off.  Now we are going to get up once mom gets herself out of bed.  And we will be off!  No time limits on anything tomorrow!  If we are back home in time, and we have any energy left, we may even go see a movie.  It will be a relaxing day of fun!!!
Sorry though, I am not going to divulge our plans until tomorrow's blog!  A few people know, and whomever the kids have told at school.  And that's it.  We are being fairly low key and just skipping town!  I can't wait!  I've been looking forward to this for awhile!
Tonight I am excited for tomorrow!  We are going to have fun and relax and just enjoy tomorrow!  :)

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