Thursday, May 19, 2016

Side Business

Last year we started Summer Dreams for the hubster while he was working at his last job.  It's been a nice little side business.
The great thing about printing our own t-shirts and other things is that there are so many avenues to take with this.  We've had some awesome customers!  We've learned some things.
And tonight, we're using this business to help one of our other endeavours.  The DCAA Cheerleaders along with the Varsity Cheerleaders are holding a gymnastic clinic tomorrow (still taking girls if anyone is interested!).  It is less than 24 hours away and we are up making t-shirts.  :)  That is so great!
Having one less thing to worry about is a wonderful thing.  I didn't have to have designs done weeks ago.  I didn't have to try and guess how many we needed before talking to interested people.  I get the luxury of waiting until the night before and making these babies up in the comfort of my own home!
Tonight I am thankful for having Ron's Summer Dreams business here at the house.  It has been a neat resource to be able to pull from!

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