Sunday, May 15, 2016

Suck At This

Week #1-ish of trying to have a more balanced schedule has proved a very undeniable truth . . I suck at this!
This is seriously going to take a lot more work that I was thinking to actually fix my problem.  It sounds so very simple, sleep 8 hours, work, relax with family, take kids to various practices and lessons, and sleep again.  Seriously, it shouldn't be difficult.
I'm classifying last week as a week of observation.  Because to truly fix a problem, one has to be able to identify the parts of the problem.  The biggest issues for me seem to be that I am both a morning and a night person; that I apparently do not know how to truly relax anymore; and that yes, I take on too much work.
So after my week of observation, I have made the following resolves:  1)  I will attempt to start keeping an 8ish bedtime.  This will be very rough.  But, between the two options, getting up early is just much more productive.  Once school is out, I could shift this a little since the kids will sleep in longer then.  There is just something about those morning hours when I have some rest and the house is quiet, I get a lot done during that time.  2)   I resolve to try and take more baths or sneak out for more bike rides.  Relaxing, for me, involves quiet.  So I am going to try and carve out at least 10 minutes, to start, of seeking quiet outside.  And when I can, I will add in the baths and bike rides.  3) I am torn on this one.  I'm just not ready to turn down work.  But I am working on streamlining more processes.  And I resolve to quote more appropriate times for my work, so that I'm not killing myself to meet deadlines.
I can already predict that I will not master this all in one week.  But I will try.
Tonight I am thankful for time to try and fix what I have messed up.  I will never be a master at scheduling.  But with some work and dedication, I hope to have it all at least manageable!

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