Saturday, June 11, 2016


So far this spring/summer we have mowed the lawn a few times and that's really about it.  The patio looked horrible.  Weeds had grown up next to the house.  It was really looking rough.
Today was the first day in months that we had nothing on the calendar.  So we got to work!  I tackled an overgrown area that we are going to make in to parking (this was on purpose as I am not the most meticulous with yard work).  The hubster and kiddo helpers got to work on the patio.
After a lot of sweating and water gun breaks, I am happy to announce that the yard is looking better!  I have three band-aid on my fingers because I don't pay attention to blisters and I've gotten them and ripped them open today. Oops!  Everyone is exhausted, kissed by the sun, and will be sleeping good tonight!
Tonight I am thankful for some time to work on our own yard!  We have a beautiful home and now we can enjoy it a little more!

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