Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Butt Shot

There is this area by our patio that is filled with Lily of the Valley.  It is so nice and peaceful :)
This particular area also has poison ivy.  I avoid this area and admire it from afar.  I just haven't had the heart to try and kill the poison ivy, knowing that the Lily of the Valley would die too.
I try and watch when the animals walk thru that area and I avoid them when they do.  
Unfortunately one of my cute, little fluffy kittens had been in the poison ivy and I didn't know.  I picked it up and cuddled it against my neck.  Yup, poison ivy on my neck.
I've been treating it, but to no avail.  That's just a really bad spot.  My shirts rub on it.  The seat belt rubs on it.  It is spreading.  Every time I move my head, it pulls on my skin, pulling on the rash.  It's been a downright irritating day.  When I finally got back home, I thought I'd just put more stuff on it.  Then I looked in the mirror, it was spreading.  Uh oh.
It is climbing up my neck.  Not too many inches before reaching my face.  I've gotten poison ivy on my feet a number of times - because I go barefoot a lot and I don't pay attention.  Anyway, I think I'd rather have it on my feet than my neck and face.  Of course, I'd prefer to just not get it at all!
Anyway, so with a field trip on the agenda tomorrow, I gave in and went to Redi Care.  The conversation in the house before I left was the hubster talking about a steriod shot . . . in the butt.  The kids LOVED that.  They thought it was hilarious.  As I was pulling out of the driveway, I heard a child yell something like "Have fun getting your butt shot mom!"  Yup  . . . this is how they talk to their mother!  Hmph!!
Well, I am happy to report that I was given two prescrptions and NO shot!  Hooray!
Tonight I am thankful that I did NOT get shot in the butt tonight!  (Never thought this would be my blog topic, did ya?)  Anyway, yup, I am thankful for no butt shot.  I couldn't even come home and gloat too much.  Two children were already in bed when I got home.  In the morning though, I'll be celebrating to the children!  And hopefully tomorrow I'll be thankful for some improvement on my neck!

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