Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I used to have a dog who hated the UPS man.  In the dog's defense, I had ordered a lot of things online over a several month period of time and the UPS man always came while I was at work.  So, really the dog didn't like this intruder while I was away.
Our dogs now love the UPS man!  They like the FedEx man.  They tolerate the mailman.  They love the fill-in mail lady!  And they love the Schwan's man.  The difference between the people listed above?  Treats.  Yes treats.
Now here's the extra mile. The fill-in mail lady always bring treats for my kitties.  She is so awesome.  She gets out and pets them and gives them treats.  I think she is awesome!
Lately, our UPS man is out-doing her.  He is bringing canned catfood and paper bowls for my barn kitties!  His favorite is Snoodle, the long haired grey one - the only one outside that is not a black cat.  She gets her own bowl and her own can.  She knows she is his favorite too.  She runs out to see him and waits patiently on the ground in back of his truck!  Then he walks the other two bowls of food down the driveway for the swarm of black kitties that come to meet him.  I try to keep the dogs inside, so he brings their bones up with the package.
Today Molly, the pitbull was outside when he pulled in.  That goofy dog ran and jumped up in his truck to great him.  She got two dog bones today so that she would come inside so he could feed the cats!
Tonight I am thankful for delivery people who love my animals!  They don't have to love them.  They don't have to give them treats.  But they do :)

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