Tuesday, June 14, 2016


I've always been a picky eater.  When I was a kid, I remember having to sit at the table until I ate.  I fell asleep a number of times.  I hid food in my clothes, transported it away from the table, and shoved it to the bottom of the trash can.  I fed some to the dog.  Sometimes I would wait until everyone left, sneak my food in to another container  and hide it in the back of the cupboard.  That plan worked until one day I forgot to dispose of the food later!  That was not a good day for me.
My boys are now my picky eaters - my payback for my picky days I suppose . . . although I'm still pretty picky.
My girls though, like to eat all sorts of foods.  It is great to watch them eat vegetables and try new things!  I really wish that I liked to eat all sorts of foods.  It would make the world a much easier place.  I just don't have those taste buds.
With all the food ins and outs of the house, I do try to accommodate the different preferences . . to a point.  I mean I'll buy a jar of pickles for my daughter.  But I won't let a boy forgo dinner because his corn touched his biscuit.  We strive for balance of some sort.
The one thing I guess I didn't really have a good plan for would be food hiding.  The kids hide food from each other.  They don't want to share, or they think someone will eat all the good treats, so they hide it.  Then I find it later after everyone has forgotten about it.  Or I find the dishes or wrappers later because they couldn't sneak away their own evidence.  It is growing to be an epidemic.
*Sigh*  The children aren't starving by any means and I'm thinking of putting locks on the cupboards already!  Our first summer goal of clean bedrooms is current in progress and it has been very telling of children who have had snack parties in the bedrooms!
Tonight I am thankful for my good eaters.  I am thankful for my picky eaters too.  And I'm thankful for a coming clean about who has developed some bad snack hiding habits!  It's time to nip those in the bud!  And now I know I'm not crazy about disappearing spoons in this house!!!!

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