Thursday, June 23, 2016


I want to clarify this blog tonight before I say too much - I am not a mindless Dave Ramsey follower!  I have been reading quite a few mindless posts on the Dave Ramsey facebook sites lately.  Some of them just make me cringe.
If you spend time reading Dave's books, he never claims to be the ultimate expert and all-knowing budget man.  He's actually rather the upset.  He states that none of what he is saying is new!  These principles have been around for awhile.  He just writes them down and breaks them down in to easy steps for people.
It is the principles that are important!  It is the changing of a mindset!  And yes, it is learning good skills like budgeting and planning!
Our own personal plan in this house doesn't follow the Dave steps verbatim.  We have some goals that are more important to us.  So we've prioritized some things along with that.  But, we do work on the budget . . a lot!  We work and rework the long term and short term plans!  And we work on the budget . . . again!
We've been reading and working to find the best way to teach these principles to the kids in such a way that they carry them around for the rest of their lives.  I want this freedom for them!
So I was a little excited to find the Act Your Wage board game!  It came in the mail yesterday.  It is for ages 10 and up.  But we'll let everyone play!  I haven't taken it out of the plastic wrap yet . . not until tomorrow night when we play for the first time.  From the looks of the box, it looks like it works like Monopoly, but with great Dave Ramsey / budgeting lessons!  This will be great for the kids to see some larger scale money situations than what they are at right now!  Yup, I'm excited!
Tonight I am thankful for our new Dave Ramsey board game!!!  I'll report back after we play it.  I have high hopes!  Oh yeah . . and I found it on sale :)

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