Friday, June 10, 2016


It's been over a year since I first read/learned about the brominated vegetable oil in Mt Dew, which directly affects the thyroid; coating it and making it unable or lessened at least to absorb iodine - which is essential for a properly working thyroid.  When I learned this, I finally dropped my decades long obsession with Mt Dew.  The amount of sugar didn't scare me.  The fact that it was fluorescent green didn't scare me.  But finally, something scared me about it.  I wish it didn't taste so darn good.  I have one about once or twice every six months now - which I know is still too many.
From what I had read, it was all the brominated vegetable oil; which is used solely to prevent the colors from separating during storage.  Nice, huh?
Anyway, I don't know why I didn't ask more questions then.  I should have.  Guess what, it isn't just the brominted vegetable oil - which by the way, is an ingredient in more drinks than Mt Dew), it is the bromine part of the oil that is the problem.  Bromine is in pesticides sprayed on non-organic strawberries in particular, put in swimming pools and hot tubs (it can be absorbed thru your skin), and according to some different sources, possibly in breads, crackers, and some pond fish.
Now I am not a certified anything on this.  I am just a lady with more questions than answers who is on a quest to learn more and become healthier.  So please do research yourself as well!
Several articles that I found online talk about the increase in hypothyroidism in this country.  Iodine has been removed from several foods, while bromine has been added.  Not cool.  Bummer thing is that iodine got a bad rap because there is good and bad iodine.  The bad got the publicity and the good paid the price.  I have read nothing good about bromine, yet it remains.
Anyway, so I've been doing some reading and joined a couple different groups researching and using Lugol's Iodine as a supplement.  The things I've read against it are vague.  And the things I've read for it are a lot of personal narrative.  There is a LOT more to read on it out there, including scientific stuff . . books and books on it.  After doing a fair amount of research and speaking with a nutritionist, I have decided to give it a try.
This is week one.  I have not taken it every day on purpose.  The process of removing bromine from your system (your body stores it in fat cells), is not a pretty process.  When done too fast and pressured on your body it can cause some mental side affects including depression and other not fun things.  It can also make a person gain weight . . . well crap!
So here I am, with absolutely nothing to report from week one.  Which is good, this doesn't work fast.  If I had anything to report it would probably be myself being an emotional, withdrawn, moody mess.  In which I would be thankful that I have a nice pillow to cry in to.  So, I'm going slow with this.  But I'm hopeful.  Hopeful for better health.  I need to hire a personal chef that includes healthy shopping as a job detail!  That would make life much easier :)
Tonight I'm thankful for knowledge.  I'm still learning.  I have a lot more to learn.  Seriously though, that mega millions winning ticket that I haven't bought could bring in that personal chef with healthy shopping and hurry this all along!  :)

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