Friday, June 24, 2016

Love It!

When I was a kid we would go pick strawberries at DeGroot's farms on Bull Run Rd . . I think that is Fowlerville . . might be Gregory.  Anyway, at some point we stopped.  I think it was probably about when I went away to college.
After I came back, I really don't remember going out to pick strawberries.  I'm pretty sure I did though.  Who knows . .
Anyway, in 2003 I was 9 months pregnant in strawberry season.  And Oh, I wanted some berries!!
For those of you who haven't been to a strawberry field before, let me tell you . . . it isn't happening at 9 months pregnant!  The berry plants are close to the ground.  The only way a pregnant woman is getting that close to the ground is if she is sitting on it.  And the chances of a 9 month pregnant woman going to sit in a strawberry field and get back up to go along the plants is not a very big chance at all.  So I sadly bought some store berries and pretended they were fresh farm berries.
After I had the baby, my mom and her friend Marilyn surprised me with a whole box of berries!  They had been to DeGroots and picked me my own whole box!  I was so happy!  So when the baby slept, I cleaned berries!
And I've gone every since!  The kids have came with me since they were old enough to know a good berry from a bad berry.  I've gone pregnant; just not 9 months pregnant.  Every year, we go back.
Last year I was so busy that we didn't make it there until the end of the season and the berries were pretty picked over.  I didn't want that to happen this year.
So today, I pushed the papers to the side of my desk and we took off to get some strawberries!  The kids love the wagon ride out to the fields!  They love the first 5 to 10 minutes of picking berries.  They enjoy throwing berries at each other.  They love the animals to see.  They love signing their name on the giant wooden berry.  And they have fun posing in the berry cut out to have their pictures taken :)
Tonight I am thankful for our berry tradition!  Just like the berry tradition from when I was a kid!  They pick more in the back fields now and the dirt pile for kids to play on is gone.  But it's still fun!  It's still something they look forward to!  Hey, it's still something I look forward to!  And after I clean these berries, we will eat strawberry shortcake for three meals a day for an entire week!  :)  Then maybe we'll go get more berries and make jam :)

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