Saturday, June 25, 2016


Today was planned as a busy day.  I knew it would be busy.  The calendar said "BUSY".
Ok, well it didn't really say that.  But it might've well have.  I wasn't looking forward to the business.
This morning my alarm went off around 6.  Yes, that is sleeping in on this Saturday.  I laid in bed for a little while.  I contemplated setting the alarm for a later time.  Then I saw the sunshine out my window.  It was so pretty.
I decided to get up.  The whole house was still sleeping.  So I snuck out for a bike ride in the early morning sunshine.  It was so quiet.  It was still cool out.  The morning breeze was wonderful.  It was wonderful.
I did some good thinking this morning.  It was a great start to the day.  I got centered for the day.  I got calm and prepared.  I wish I could take off for miles on my bike every morning!
But for this busy day especially, I am thankful for some time this morning to take off on my own and enjoy God's beauty without the business of life distracting me!

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