Monday, June 27, 2016

More than Meets the Eye

Several weeks ago I was sitting in a fold out chair watching my boy play baseball.  It didn't dawn on me until then that he needed sunglasses.  He was squinting in the sun and all I kept envisioning was him being hit in the face with the ball because he couldn't see it!
The next time I was out, I picked up some glasses for him.  He didn't wear them for the next several games.  So I put them on his face for a game; and he's worn them ever since.
After tonight's game he looked a little down in the dumps.  I thought maybe it was because they lost their game.  Nope.  Another player came in the dugout all upset and threw something that hit the sunglasses and broke them.  He was bummed about the glasses.
I think it was last summer that I refused to buy any more glasses.  The kids don't take care of them and don't generally wear them.  So the fact that I had bought some for my boy was a big deal to him.  And now they were broken.
The hubster and I had driven separate to the game since I was working.  I hopped in the car with the other three kiddos and we sped off to Meijer's in hopes of surprising my bummed out boy.
Ok, here is my cheap . . . er . . . thrifty side - I don't even buy my own sunglasses at any big store.  I usually buy my own at Dollar General.  I prefer to pay around $5.  But if I really like the pair, I might pay $7 or $8.  I see no point in paying a lot for sunglasses because I know that I will lose them or break them eventually.
So stopping at Meijer's to buy glasses was a big deal too.  Ok, get this!  This is so awesome!  Ok, we found glasses like the first ones that I had bought.  (The first ones were from Aldi's for cheap).  These Meijer ones were $18.  Ech . . my wallet tried to snap itself shut in protest!  But no, I have a money envelope titled "Sales".  This envelope is just for stocking up on good sales, buying ahead on fantastic clearances, or garage sales.  So these glasses weren't any of those things - but that is where the money was going to come from.
I saw the sign that said 30% off above the sunglasses rack.  That made me feel a little better.  Me and my three other kiddos raced to the front of the store.  At the checkout, it asked if I wanted to use a $10 mperk that I had earned and clipped the day before.  OF COURSE!  My total?  $1.27.  Oh yes!  Perfect!!!
We got home and I put them on my head when I saw my sad ballplayer.  His face lit up.  He first thought I had my own pair, so he was being very polite.  I told him they were for him.  He thought I had picked up the pieces of his broken glasses and hot glued them back together.  Nope, I told him they were fresh from Meijer to him!  He gave me a big ole' hug!  I'll tell him about my awesome deal later.  He had to run off and jump on the trampoline before the sun went down after he gave me a hug!
Tonight I am thankful for sunglasses that cost $1.27!  Even more than that though, I am thankful that despite all the budgets and the money theories, money is still never what's most important.  Tonight wasn't about the cost of the glasses and it wasn't about the glasses themselves; it was about my knowing that I understood that he had tried to hard to take care of this gift he was given.  It wasn't his fault that they broke.  And he shouldn't feel bad about it.  Glasses are replaceable.  Responsibility and compassion are not.
P.S.  These are totally not my style.  But they look cool as can be on my boy :)

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