Friday, June 17, 2016

On The Side

One thing that came natural to me, but that I kind of turned my back on over the years, is having something on the side.  No, I'm not talking about my salad dressing on the side of the lettuce!  I'm talking more about income streams.
When I was 13 I babysat and mowed lawns.  Those were the days when big, fluffy hair scrunchies were in style.  I also sewed them and sold them locally.  I had dreams of a car and I worked every angle I could to get there.
When I turned 16 and could get a "real" job, I was a little dis-heartened by the legal number of hours that I was allowed to work.  So I worked at the store for the allotted legal hours, then babysat and mowed lawns on the side.  And so it continued, college full time, work full time, and a side job.  Just work full time wasn't enough, so I started another business on the side.  I've just always seen too much opportunity to sit still!
Of my adult life, maybe only a quarter of it (if that) has held only one, 40 hour a week job.
I've thought this was just a part of my inability to sit still.  And I'm ok with it.  It keeps me busy and trying new things.
In the past year and a half my readings of Dave Ramsey and others have agreed that something on the side is a good way to go!  It is good for a little extra.  And it is good to have a  back up in case the main job falls thru.
So my kids see this.  I haven't allowed myself any guilt over this.  Although I struggle with working too much, my jobs are all based from my home office.  So I am home.  And I am working.  And the kids see this.  They know that they are expected to work.  They also know that we encourage well planned endeavours on their part!  They will have some ideas that don't work out.  And that's ok.  It really only takes one idea working out to make the others all worth it!
We are planning a garage sale in July some time.  The boys plan on selling lemonade.  One of my boys has been brainstorming further. He found some bird feathers outside today and started making Native American hats to sell.  The other boy had an idea to make some "mystery packs" of his no longer wanted Pokemon cards.  He is hoping the mystery will entice buyers!  The girls are focusing more on cleaning out their rooms at the moment.  They've been told that anything that they sell, they get to keep the profit!
The girls do have some plans of their own not related to the garage sale.  Pet Sitting here at the house has plans to expand, as they price out fence supplies this summer and scour other garage sales for dog houses!
At least two of the kiddos know how to list things on ebay.  They all know about craigslist.  They come with me to work sometimes, so they are learning how to be professional (well at least to my quirky level of professionalism!)
Tonight I am thankful that my kids are very open to the idea of having businesses on the side!  They shouldn't ever feel trapped in one job.  They will remember these days and plan for something else if they need to!  And hey, in the meantime I love hearing their ideas!  I have some wonderfully creative children!

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