Monday, June 20, 2016

Plan of Attack #981

And so, the yearly summer War of the Kids' Rooms commenced last week with uneventful battles.  The pledge of each child keeping proceeds from whatever sells at the upcoming garage sale was not nearly as motivating for them as I had hoped.
I'll admit, at these ages, I really didn't think that this annual war would still be going on with such vehemence!
So like any good leader would do, when going to war and realizing that they are losing - I switched tactics!
A messy room can be overwhelming to an adult, let alone children.  I know their rooms overwhelm them at this moment.  Now, I won't even get in to the facts that they made the rooms this messy or that they had been asked repeatedly to clean the rooms over the course of several months.  Nope, we won't mention that at all, because really that does nothing for the present situation . .
So, Plan of Attack #981 was launched today . . with pretty darn good success!  I rallied the troops this morning.  I informed that we would be breaking the messy rooms down in to parts.  Today was laundry day.  All dirty laundry was to be brought down.  All laundry was to be gone thru.  Anything too small, too wintery, or just not something they were going to be wearing again was to be bagged accordingly and placed in designated areas.  If they failed with their missions, they would owe me $1 today, and for any ongoing days of laundry still being out.  Because tomorrow is another day!
Tomorrow will be either toys or trash day.  And if those items are not sorted, and some bagged up to leave this house tomorrow, there would be a $1 per day fee for that task also.
As you can see, this could get quite costly for my children by the end of the week.  $1 per undone task, per day.
I did have one cocky child who has been good at saving her money.  She stated a few times that she was just going to pay the fine. So, I switched, just for her, to Plan of Attack #982, where a cocky child who felt they could pay their way out of work and responsibility, now had a fine of $5 per day!  I announced this new plan at approximately 5pm today.  I am happy to report, she worked very hard to have her laundry done by bedtime!
Tonight I am thankful for Plan of Attack #981 and 982.  I hope it continues to work well and wins us this war!!

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