Monday, June 13, 2016


I've got a plan this summer vacation!
Last summer it just seemed that I was scrambling to find some home/work balance.  And last year was even harder with the hubby's job.
This summer is full of potential though.  Hubster now has a job with much better hours.  And I have somehow shaken this mother-guilt of sacrificing my sanity a little too much for the sake of the children.  I do have plans some concrete plans for the summer, but no timeline.  No stress.  No pressure.
This summer I hope to relax a little more.  I hope to go to bed a little earlier (except for tonight maybe, I'm still working on getting set up right).  I hope to be waking up earlier.  This is a big change here.  Usually I adjust my schedule to the kids' summer schedule.  But, not this year.  I have found that I just need those early morning hours of quiet to get some good work done.
I'm excited.  I hope to have more time to enjoy family time this summer.  I hope to enjoy our beautiful, peaceful yard more this year.  I hope to run away to the lake more.  I hope to have more bonfires.  I hope to just sit in the sunshine and breeze and enjoy a good book.  In short, I hope to enjoy life a little more this summer.
Tonight I am thankful for some better summer plans.  I know that I know how to work hard.  Now I will remember how to relax.

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