Thursday, June 9, 2016


The last two weeks have been craziness.  Well, I'm including tomorrow in this time summary as well. I knew they would be crazy.  I know I've let quite a few things fall by the wayside.  By the way, if I've promised anyone anything and haven't delivered, please let me know!  I can think of one thing for certain and I'm sure I've dropped the ball on more than just one thing.
Anyway, so along with all the life things that I've lost control of in the past two weeks, our budget was one of them, unfortunately.  I do budget for vacations and fun activities - which is where I should have went for Mackinac funds and today's field trip.  But I hadn't.  Last week I didn't make it to the bank at all to get out weekly cash.  I've had no idea what I even needed money for to make it thru the week, so I just spent.
It's been in the back of my head that I need to get this stuff back on track.  I was just waiting for time I guess.  I love the Dave Ramsey groups on facebook.  They show up in my news feed and keep me going.  But sometimes they don't seem to show up.
Yesterday there were a few.  But even better, yesterday some women in an appraiser group I am a part of were posting about Dave Ramsey!  There were women on there talking about having their houses paid off!  And especially what a stress reliever that was when the business get slow.  Because although I've been buried in work lately, the business does get slow.  It was inspiring to read one woman say how grateful she is that her husband and her had lived within their means for so long - and now she only works when she wants to.  How wonderful is that?!?
So, I'm getting back on track!  There will always be a few bumps in the road - like the last two weeks.  But I'm redirected.  We have goals.  We have a good plan to get to those goals!  And we can do it!
Usually after school ends for the year, I give the kids a few weeks and then we start Mom School.  In the past Mom School has gone along with regular school and had basic fundamentals.  I think this year Mom School will incorporate some real world learning as well.  I'm thinking of making it a challenge for the kids to work on budgets.  Maybe a weekly spending budget for summer activities.  Then they can help look for deals on activities, explore all the resources for free activities, and work on some re-purposing of things around here to make new fun things!
Tonight I am thankful for being back on track!  Eyes are on the goal!  We'll get this plan back in action!

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