Sunday, June 19, 2016


I remember when you swore our girl wouldn't have pink princess everything.  I remember when you learned that some girls are naturally girly and love pink and princess everything!
I remember when you thought she was too little and you carried her around on a pillow.
I remember when you thought boys were tougher from the beginning.  I remember when you learned that everyone starts out the same.
I remember when you were overwhelmed when the kid to adult ratio changed in their favor, but you tried not to show it.
I remember when you thought it would be too much to hope for two girls and two boys evenly.  I remember how you couldn't believe how blessed we were.
I remember when you didn't trust yourself and you asked for help.
I remember when you learned that you have a lot to learn.
I remember the time when you figured out that the difference between being a good father and an excellent father meant being a selfless father.
I see how much they need you.  I see how much you need them.  I see the things that you give that I simply can't - some things are just different from dad.  I love the laughter you share with them.  I adore the moments of play, the hugs, and the love  that you share.
Tonight I am thankful for the man that my children call dad.  It's been a blessing to watch him grow as a dad over the years.  And I look forward to seeing the years to come!

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