Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Thanks is Not Enough

In kindergarten I attended Parnall Elementary school in Jackson.  I think they call it Northwest Elementary now.  Whatever. That's where I went.
When we moved to the new school for first grade, I was so nervous.  I wasn't a very loud child.  I was rather shy and quiet until I knew someone.  And I really only got to know about one person at a time.  I didn't want to get to know everyone.
The school bus ride was so long!  And we drove by cows! COWS!  Then we got to school.  It was scary.  There was this nice woman who worked out on the playground at recess time that saw that I was scared.  She was so nice to me.  And she had a really genuine smile.  I'll never forget that.
In second grade a boy kissed me, so I pushed him down and kicked him several times until he rolled down a hill away from me.  Then I ran and told my recess aid friend what had happened.  She told me "Good Job!"  By the way, this was in the 80's, don't get your nickers in a twist that my attack was congratulated!  But he did start it.  And I still kick people.  Seriously, untwist those nickers and read the rest of my story here . . focus on the big picture!
I loved music class too!  The teacher was so warm and friendly!  She had one of those real genuine smiles too!  She loved the music.  You could tell that she loved it.  She made it fun!  She made it interesting!  She made the whole class feel welcome and wanted.  She inspired me to love music just be being herself.
As I grew up, I got in to middle school, then high school.  I started babysitting for a family down the road.  They had three of the nicest kids you could ever want to meet!  And they were the nicest people too!  I have many fond memories of the chats there. They may have seemed small to him and her, I don't know.  But they were important to me . . again that someone cared, that I was welcomed so warmly.
I grew up some more and had my own family.  And I have felt so blessed that my children have attended elementary school where my favorite childhood recess aide, my enchanting music teacher, and my friendly neighbor all worked and interacted with my children!  Add to that mix another music teacher who has loved my children and taken one under her wing at a time when he needed some extra guidance - she saw thru his antics and saw his potential.  I'll just never be able to thank any of them enough.
I don't like my children leaving me, even for school.  I'd rather they be home with me, to be quite honest.  There are things that I do better in a quiet house; but I prefer the chaos when my loves are home.  It has been easier sending them to school, knowing that they are more than cared for there -they are loved there.
Now there are several others at the school who have played a huge part in my children's lives!  I don't want them to feel left out!  This blog in particular though, is about these four particular women because they are retiring at the end of this school year.  The kids and I went to their retirement celebration today and I kept tearing up.  It is so silly!  Of course these people deserve to retire and enjoy and relax!  Selfishly though, I wish they'd stay forever!  Or at least 3 more years until all my kids move on to middle school.
Tonight I am thankful for the love and the care that emanates from the people at our school.  I couldn't dream of a better place to send my children . . . since I do have to send them ;)  I am thankful that these beautiful people have been a part of my life and of my children's lives.  Our lives are better because of them!

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