Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Last Night

Well . . . this is it.  This is the last night that this house will be a teenager-free-zone.
Yup, tomorrow is my oldest child's birthday.  And she will be 13.  A teenager.
It is only scary in theory.  The girl has been practicing for teenager stereotypes for awhile now.
I'm not scared really though.  I'm excited.  This girl is growing in to a wonderful young woman.  She is finding herself as she flexes her determination, her motivation, her intelligence, her kindness, her compassion, and her bravery.  She has a flair for fashion.  She has the big sister thing going on where she always sees when her siblings need her, and the love they share is unmatched.
The biggest joy to my heart is seeing her like she's been the last few days here at home.  Without school and stress, she's been just a kid with her siblings.  She's been laughing and playing and having fun.  I love to see that!
Life will just get harder and more complicated.  It is always important to remember how to have fun and laugh - it'll get her thru life many, many times.
Tonight I am thankful for the one who made me a mother; the one who first showed me what it is like to have my heart live outside my chest; and the one who brightens any room with her smile and her warmth.  Happy 13th tomorrow baby!

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