Friday, June 3, 2016

Two Days in Numbers

Here, let me throw some stats your way.
1 1/2 weeks is the time that I've been prepping for this past 2 day trip to Mackinaw.  1 is the number of my children that I got to spend some special time with . . priceless!  At least 4 is the amount of new orders that I turned down to not be "too busy" to come on this trip.  3, is the number of files that I brought with me and did not complete when I saw my daughter's eyes telling me that I was on my computer too much on this trip.  3, is the number of files that I did complete.  4, is the number of pissed off customers I have at the moment because I did not turn down nearly enough work . . oops - seriously, still never will be the world's best scheduler.  21, is the number of hours of sleep that I've had in the past 4 nights.  Match calculations will prove that this number is at least 11 hours short of the goal  (I did surprising well with this, due to a new thing I'm trying called Thrive - that I'll share in an upcoming blog I'm sure!).  2, is the number of times that I napped on the bus and was woken up by my little brown eyed girl who wanted Momma's attention.  163 is the number of emails that Outlook just brought in from the last 2 days from all my email accounts.  Probably about half of them are kind of spammy, and the rest valid.  Fortunately, I responded to maybe 75% of the important ones.
Many hours, is the time that I didn't keep track of that I sat on the bus with my arms around my daughter.  A lifetime is how long she'll remember this trip and this special time together.
I'm not even going to count the work that is here on my desk that I was going to come home from this trip and sit here at this desk and catch up on.  Nope, not even going to count it because, I've had a great trip with my daughter and I am going to end it on a good note.  Zero is the number of alarms that I will be setting for myself in the morning.  I will regret it in a work-sense, but not in a life-sense.  This was more important.  And tomorrow I also have a very important dance recital to attend!  Work can wait for that too!
Tonight I am thankful for the blessing of being able to go on this trip with my daughter!  And with my son last year.  And my oldest daughter three years ago.  And that I'll get to go with my younger son in two years.  This is such a great trip, and so special for the kids!  Tonight I am thankful that work can always wait.  I've got some apologizing to do to some customers.  Hopefully they'll understand.  If not, oh well.  First things came first :)

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