Thursday, July 28, 2016


For our wedding, we received a tent and some camping equipment.  About a year later we let someone borrow the tent and we never saw it again.
No grudges.  We just bought another tent awhile later.  It was ok I guess.  Awhile later we needed a bigger tent anyway.
Last summer the kids put the tent on the trampoline . . and didn't take it back down for many days.  And the tent broke in a windstorm.
Understandably, I didn't really want to run out and buy a new tent with the last one not being taken care of.  The hubster and I have been talking about camping in a few weeks . . but we weren't sure.  Maybe we'd just rent a cabin instead.
Today I was in Meijer's and was actually looking for a collapsible wagon.  I have a mPerk for $10 off one, so I wanted to see what their normal price was and what I thought about them exactly.  On my search for a wagon, I found tents on clearance.  I took a picture of one and sent off to the hubster to see his thoughts.
We are now the proud owners of a 10 person tent . . quite a bit larger than that first tent we got when we got married!  It was $50 off!  And now we are ready to camp!  And one of the best parts, for me, is that we took the $ out of our vacation savings. Oh yes, I'm digging this budgeting thing!  Having the cash there waiting for a good deal to come up is definitely a good thing!
Tonight I am thankful for finding a good deal on our new tent!  The kids thought we should set it up in the living room tonight.  But I veto'd that idea.  We'll wait and try it out outside!

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