Monday, July 4, 2016

Cheap Seats

I've been working off and on all weekend.  From the upcoming garage sale, to trying to catch up on work, it's just been a constant plucking away.  I have tried very hard to not stress out this weekend.  But I'll admit, today was hard.  I still am not caught up on work.  And now everyone will be back at work tomorrow.  I even brought my laptop with me to the fireworks tonight and did a little work while we waited for the sky to get dark.
Now ever since I started dating this Ron guy, we've pulled off the side of the road outside the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks.  It may not sound like fun to everyone, but we've made our own tradition out of it!  And as our family grew, the tradition changed a bit.  We've had a movie time in the van waiting for the show, a trailer with fold out chairs, licorice, coloring books, and all sorts of things to occupy our time while we found the perfect spot and waited for the show to start.
This year we backed the big van in so we were pointing towards the road and where the fireworks would be shot off across the road.  It was the perfect spot!  I reclined my seat and watched the fireworks out the windshield in comfort!  The kids opted to set up fold out chairs next to the van in the grass, and that was fine too.  They quieted down some out there!
Tonight I am thankful for the perfect ending to a busy weekend!  It was relaxing, we were together, and the show was beautiful!

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