Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Our vacations have never been huge.  The last time I took an entire week off of work was when Sammy was born (he's 11 now).  Even then, I took my first appraiser classes while I was off and went back to work early.  After the last two babies I went right back to work.  My office was in the living room.  Most of my clients didn't even know I had been at the hospital.
Sad?  Probably a little.  But, here's the thing, it is my choice.  There are some things in life that are just better when you own them.  And I own the choices I made to grow my business to bless our family.  No, we've never been to the Grand Canyon or to the coast.  But we will.
Any National Lampoon Vacation fans out there?  Think of some of their vacation hiccups, and that would be us.  One time we went away for the night, came back and my computer wouldn't start up.  It just died while we were gone.  My computer is 80% of my job.  That wasn't good.
We went away one time, came home, and the power had gone out.  Everything in the fridge was bad.  The hubster and I went out for a weekend away once.  The flu hit me a few hours after arriving at our hotel  . . not really romantic.
We don't really have a photo albums of the vacations that dreams are made of.  We have had some good ones in there.  And even with the hiccups that we do have, we have fun.  I guess the honest truth is that I don't dream of a week "away from it all".  I truly don't.  
We have a nice house, a beautiful yard, and fuzzy critters.  I like to enjoy what we have here.  Don't get me wrong, I love to travel!  I dream of road trips in my sleep.  But, life is so busy right now, that "leaving it all behind" would just leave stress and worry in the back of my mind.  That isn't the relaxing vacation that I dream of.  
So someone posted this picture, this morning on one of the Dave Ramsey sites that I follow.  It was kind of a thoughtful moment to stop and think about it because I disagree.  Things aren't always about money.  But, I'll tell you right now that I have no desire to charge a vacation to make a memory now and then scrape for years to come to make the money to pay for it.  I guess, my disagreement comes with the innuendo of the picture that a vacation has to be huge.  
We are saving for Disney, on our time frame.  The kids are excited.  They help save their change.  We have a goal date.  And they will feel more than blessed to go because we've worked towards this goal together as a family.  In the meantime, we make our memories every day.  We dance in the rain.  We stop to smell the flowers.  We sneak kitties in to the house when daddy isn't home (sorry Ron!).  We make plans and dreams together.  
The truth is that no little saying on Facebook or in a magazine could possibly summarize all the options there are in life.  We aren't working like crazy right now just to make money.  We are working like crazy right now for freedom.  Freedom from stress.  Freedom from worry.  And freedom as a legacy and a lifestyle for the kids for their entire lives.  On the way there, we are making memories. Today, as discussions went back and forth on the Dave Ramsey site, I know for certain that no one can make me feel bad for not taking a week off of work right now.  No one can make me feel bad for not taking my kids to Disney right now.  Our memories are made in every day moments as we walk thru life together.  We'll have our extra memories at the lake or traveling somewhere special together.  And they will be good memories!  But I'll bet you anything that those memories won't be near as strong as the memories that make us more than a family; these every day memories that are woven through our life will be the special ones.  When they are adults and they remember when they broke my favorite cup and they found patience and forgiveness; or when they sat in here and chatted for hours as we talked about life.  These are the memories that are more valuable than shiny mouse ears or traveling on a train.  Sorry random Facebook post.
Tonight I am thankful for having a choice in the memories we make.  I know our choices differ from other families.  I'm not saying our choices are better or worse.  I'm saying that I am thankful that our choices are best for our family.  No regrets, no remorse; we are on a good path for us. 

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