Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Crazy Goals

Do you ever set a crazy goal just to see if you can reach it?  I do.
I leave myself a soft cushy landing in case I don't make the mark.  But if there's a chance, even a small one, I'll take it.
Lately I've had this crazy idea.  I mean crazy.  The first time I thought it, I even told myself it was crazy.  But the thought stayed.  And stayed.  And stayed.  So I started playing around with some plans.  What if I could make it work?  I had a few different plans going on.
I finally said it out loud just the other day to the hubster.  He thought I was crazy.  Then I showed him my plans.  I could see it in his eyes . . . he followed my thoughts on the plans.  He saw it might be possible.
I typed it tonight to my brother.  It's getting more real.  Crazy goals do that.  Don't dismiss them.  When they won't leave your thoughts, give them more thoughts.  It usually ends pretty good!  In my experience anyway.
I've heard about the Debt Free Screams that people drive to the Dave Ramsey Studios to do.  It never sounded too enticing to me.  But then, I've had the random thought from time to time that it could be fun.  We could make a road trip out of it and make it a big deal.  It might be a good prize at the end of this journey.  My brother is planning on going down in a year.  He's been on the Dave Ramsey, pay off debts journey too.  What if we joined him?  Crazy!!
What if we worked our butts off for one year and threw everything we had at what's left of this mountain?  What if we had a good plan?  What if we buckled down on everything and put everything we had behind this thing?  What if we chased this crazy goal with all our might and finished this journey in one year?  Could we do it in one year?  It's a big goal.  It's a crazy goal.  And whether all parts of me are ready or not to admit it, it's my new goal.  One year.  We may not make it.  But, we're surely going to try with all our might!
Tonight I am thankful for someone saying that this could be done.  If you would have told the me from 4 years ago, 7 years ago, or especially 10 years ago that I would be setting a one year goal (that'll make it 2 1/2 years total from start to finish) to be debt free, I wouldn't have believed it.  I didn't think it was possible.  Not for someone like me anyway.  Trust fund people, company heads, or lottery winners maybe; but not me.  It just wasn't possible.  Or so I thought.  In reality, it wasn't possible in my mind, and that's the only place where it wasn't possible.  Because the truth is that anything is possible, I just had to believe it, and dream it, and make crazy, crazy goals with lots and lots of prayer, plans, and hard work!

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