Monday, July 11, 2016


It's been a loooong day.
Some nights I've eaten dinner at my desk in my office here.  I could have easily done that tonight too.  But I went out to the table with my family.
I was cranky.  I snapped at them a little.  I apologized, warned them that I had a rough day, and that they should make sure and be extra polite and respectful.
Then my darling children said that after dinner we should break in to my "Emergency Chocolate Fund", run to the store, and get me some chocolate!  Ok, that made me laugh.  This little coin bank has been on my desk for awhile.  I don't even remember how long.  Every once in awhile,  the kids will come along and drop a few coins in to it.  They like mom to be happy and well chocolate-ed!
I did take the opportunity at dinner to point out that laughter is always good to fight off the crankies.  And I will admit that after a dinner with my silly family I wasn't nearly as cranky.
Tonight I am thankful for my silly family.  They did even get me some chocolate :)  Now, how nice is that?  :)

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