Friday, July 1, 2016


Wherever you are right now in life, there is someone who wishes they had your life.  It is a true statement.  In my job, I get to enter many strangers' homes.  And many times, I enter their personal lives.  Because a home is very personal.
I hear many stories, good and bad.  And it seems that sometimes, I hear more bad; from people hoping for sympathy from me and maybe a higher value.  First of all, that doesn't work.  I am an ethical appraiser who goes by the numbers.  And Second, I have four children, I have had more acts for sympathy performed in front of me than I care to count!
I let it get to me this week.  I really did.  I shouldn't have.  The clincher was a home where I would bet $100 that the homeowners had their son recite a line to me.  It was just not a natural line of speech, and definitely not for one a boy his age.  It pissed me off.  To be quite frank about it.  These people don't even know me and they are assuming first of all that my job can be swayed and based fictionally on a performance from their child?  And they assume that I am stupid and can't see their little ploys?
But the main thing is that it continued.  People telling me why they need this and why they need that.  And that's not my job.  My job is not to provide for strangers.  Nor is it to find out what they want to do in life.  But sometimes, when it gets thrown in my face all week, it is disheartening.
I've written once before about the book we read in the school's book club this year, Home of the Brave.  If you haven't read it, I greatly encourage you to.  It is very easy to read, very quick, and very enlightening.
It seems to be an epidemic to have too much and act like we have so little.  I am guilty of that myself.  I take for granted that I can go to the grocery store when I need food.   I have never been so overwhelmed by the food that lines the shelves that I break down in tears.  But then, I have never seen hunger that claims lives.
I take for granted that I will have a house.  Whether I own or rent, or even if I had to live with family, I would have a house.  I've never had to worry about sleeping on the street.
I take for granted that I can go to my dresser and pick from a number of clothes to wear.  Cute clothes, practical clothes, any type of clothes, they are just there waiting for me.  I've never thought twice about it.  But then, I've never had to wonder about where I would find something to cover myself with.
The things that we call needs in this life are rarely needs.  This week I have heard how people need their new car, need their floors re-done, need the addition to the house, need the vacation to New York, need a vacation at all, need some time off work, need anything.
Tonight I am thankful for all the things in this life that area truly above Needs that I have.  I am thankful that I have been blessed with so much.  And I am thankful that I will lay this discontent to rest.  I will pray for those people who I have encountered this week that are staying in my heart.  I pray that they see how much they are blessed.  When you look at your blessings instead of your wants; all you see is how blessed you are, and not how many things there are that you still want.

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