Sunday, July 3, 2016

Getting Ready!

I've seen lots of pictures this weekend of people up at lakes, enjoying vacations, and it looks great!  This weekend my household has had one task in mind!  We are preparring for a garage sale!  Two weeks from this weekend are the big days!
I seriously can't wait!  The clutter in my house seems to multiply faster than rabbits!
We moved in to this house four years ago.  We've been so busy with family and work that we still don't have all the house quite how we want it.  In that time, we have re-arranged furniture several times.  I think we have a handful of rooms pretty set.  But every time we get a room set well, there is furniture that kicks out of that room.  Add to that clothes outgrown and toys outgrown, and we've got quite a pile of stuff.
Tonight I am thankful for the long weekend to get our house in order and ready for de-cluttering!!!  It seems that the older I get, the less of a pack-rat I am, who knew?!

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