Tuesday, July 5, 2016


June 24th I was driving the hubby's van with my girls.  We turned a corner and something went *CLUNK*.  Then the van wouldn't move.  Well, it went forward about two inches and then acted like it hit a wall.  It would go in reverse.  It felt like the van was catching on the front right tire.
The tow truck guy made excellent time.  The hubster picked us up from the car shop.  He said it sounded like the transmission.  I told him, I didn't think so.  It felt like the front, right wheel.  The next day, the guy at the car shop said it sounded like the transmission.  We were told they were backed up, got a repair quote, and waited.
With our Dave Ramsey plan, we have been putting $$ away every month in to a car account for repairs, tires, etc.  There is a good chunk in there . . . but not enough to rebuild a transmission.  Bummer.  But we also have our emergency fund to help out.
Well, well, well, guess what?!?  The call came in today.  The transmission is fine!!!  The calipers seized up!  Ha!!!  Didn't I say I thought the problem was in the wheel??  Oh yes, that was me!!  Woo Hoo!  Victory Dance!!
So, the wheel is being fixed, and a few other little items are being addressed while it is in there - like the a/c motor. The hubster is very happy for that!  And at the end of the repair list, our new estimated total is considerably less than what we have in our auto savings account!  Woo Hoo!
Tonight I am thankful for having money set aside for emergencies.  And just because I'm sometimes like this - I'm thankful I was right!!!  Of course I'm thankful for this because the repair bill is thousands less.  But I'm also thankful for it just for the fact that I was right!  And yes, I'm gloating!!  :)  Just for a little while :)

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