Saturday, July 16, 2016


My kids were Max & Ruby fans . . I don't know if "were" is the right word, because they do still like them.  Anyway, there is an episode and a storybook where Ruby has a lemonade stand and Max decides to have one too.  This has been inspiration for my youngest.
I think it was about March when he decided that he needed to have a lemonade stand.  I explained that he had to wait for summer first of all.  And second of all, he should wait until we had a garage sale because then more people would stop.
A few weeks ago we had a talk about the lemonade stand.  I explained to him that myself personally does not like to buy lemonade from lemonade stands because I don't know how it was made.  I've seen many a kid stick dirty hands in to the lemonade with the spoon while stirring.  When it's my own kids, I can deal with it.  But not strange kids.  I advised that maybe I could help him with some start up cash to buy some pre-bottled drinks to sell.  He didn't really like that idea.
Then I found an event at the Williamston Library for having a Lemonade Stand!  They meet for three weeks and then run a stand at the Williamston Farmer's Market.  My boy was so excited!  We went to the first meeting this past Thursday.
The meeting was an hour and a half.  In that time I noticed that this program is designed to help teach the kids about working together and running a business.  I also noticed that my son was not interested in forming a lemonade stand business with a board of directors filled with meetings, collaborations, and votes.  I told him that he had to wait a few days to reflect on the pros and cons of this program.  Yes, it is a bummer when you get out-voted.  But, then there is the opportunity to get a little more creative with someone else's idea that you hadn't considered.  A few days later, his answer is still no.  He does not wish to continue with the program.  And that's fine.
At the garage sale he made his sign.  He set out his pre-packaged drinks.  He sold some of them.  And he drank most all the rest.  Silly boy.  At the end of all of this, I think he has learned a lesson that business stuff in particular, does not always turn out the way you want, that it is usually a lot more work than you thought, and that just because it looks easy to make a profit, doesn't mean that it really is.
Tonight I am thankful for this lemonade experience.  I really do think this was a good lesson that he hasn't even noticed all the learning experience from.  But, it will be brought up in the future!  My children have a natural entrepreneurial spirit that is wonderful!  I don't want to see it die out because things seem so hard.  So we'll use these experiences to work on what to do better next time!

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