Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New Direction - Not The Band

Monday was rough.  I don't know what got in to these children of mine.  But . . wow . . . they all had complete and utter melt-downs . . simultaneously.  Not.  Good.
During this time, I was recovering from my eye appointment (which usually gives me a migraine, fortunately, just a regular headache yesterday).  I seriously considered locking them all in their rooms and hiding my car.  However, I knew that wouldn't be productive or help anyone.
It is sometimes in our moments of desperation that God can give us the most brilliant of ideas.  First of all we all sat on my bed and had a talk.  I told them some things about adult life.  I talked about how we are all a team, and need to work together as such.  And I pointed out to them so many good things that we have in this life together.
Then came the inspiration part.  The kids are floundering.  They need direction.  Don't we all?  Think of life with no direction, at any point in life, it is easy to get grumpy and discontent without a goal or something that you are working towards.  So we talked a little about goals.  I shared with them a few ideas.  And then I made them some homework.
This is the first summer in many years that we haven't done a structured Mom School.  I had made the decision earlier to have this year's Mom School be more life stuff, like cooking, map reading, computer stuff.  But I think they need more structure than that there also.  Especially my youngest.  He does really well with structure . . . which in turn makes me have to be more structured, and really that's a good thing I suppose.
Yesterday each child received these two sheets.  I have had them turned in by three children so far.  Of the three, two of them took it a little more seriously.  So I sat down with the third and we tweaked some answers.  And here we go, some direction.
Summer will still be laid back and relaxed for them.  They are kids, after all!  But now they will have a little more direction for when they need to get up and get moving, and channel their energy!  Today went better.  I hope for tomorrow to be better still.
Tonight I am thankful for the idea of direction.  And thankful that it will be pretty warm the next few days, swimming made several lists so far!

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